Amar Setty, a practicing Physician Anesthesiologist in Maryland and Pennsylvania, is an advocate for patient centered health care.   He serves on several Maryland health regulatory boards and working groups. He is the past president of the Maryland Society of Anesthesiologists.

He is dedicated to empowering patients with the latest mobile applications. Patient-generated data, shared real-time with doctors, enables better medical decisions. As an Anesthesiologist, he is particularly interested in safe pain management practices.

Dr. Setty is the CEO of Patient Premier, whose software is used to monitor and document adherence and efficacy of pain management. He is also Chief Medical Officer of Montuno Software, a mobile app, telehealth company.

As an advocate for better use of data, Dr. Setty believes soundly-executed medical advances and continuous innovation are critical to improving America’s healthcare system.

Dr. Setty graduated from medical school at the University of North Carolina. He completed a Medical internship at the University of Maryland and residency in Anesthesiology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.

Dr. Setty Presents at the MAARC Conference at The Johns Hopkins Hospital

He has been published in the scientific and popular press.  Below are links to some of his articles and websites.

Innovation balanced with clinical need will solve our health care system from failure.  It will evolve from clinical practice.


As a leader in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, as well as an advocate for patients and physicians, I saw the frontlines of the opioid crisis.  Pain Scored is an easy daily log for patients to report and track symptoms, improvements, and problems. For physicians, its a HIPAA compatable documentation and compliance tool with time saving attributes. Future developments will help identify patients at risk for harm from therapy and suggest alternatives.

cropped-patient-premier-logo-v-4.jpgPatient Premier is a company focused on making health data useful to patients, physicians and other health companies.  My partner Bryan Marascalchi and I started with an easy interface to understand publicly reported health quality data.  We then turned to patient generated health data and created the Symptom Scored ™ platform of which PainScored is the first example.  In the future, we will help democratize and monetize health data so that all patients can benefit from its use.


AnesthesiaStat is a full service anesthesia consulting  company operated by practicing board certified anesthesiologists.  My partner, Dr. Harold Pierre,  rely on our experience as providers to create the best solutions to optimize the practice of Anesthesia in an era of health care reform.



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